Amsterdam Housing and Coronavirus

Find out what effects the coronavirus has had on the housing market in Amsterdam and what the future holds.

COVID-19 Safe Accommodation

We have implements COVID safety precautions into our business operation standards. Find out more here.

Renting my property to companies

-Find out the benefits of renting to the business market and see if your property qualifies
-Earn 40% more revenue and rent your furnished apartments to companies and business travellers 

We work with and attract business travellers, companies and corporate clients as tenants for accommodation. Our team provides your property as a serviced accommodation to clients travelling on business for an average of 6 months.

Our Mission

To provide property investors, big and small, with stress-free returns. 

Calculate monthly income if your property is rented to corporate clients

Apply now and allow us to start finding candidates for you to consider

Our Primary Focus

Maintaining accommodation and delivering beautiful, well-loved temporary homes for corporate companies and business travellers. 

Renting My Property to Companies

Find out the benefits of renting your property to the business market and see if your property qualifies

Serviced Apartment Expectations

Rent one of our corporate properties and find out what you can expect ready for you upon arrival

Quality through experience

Since 2013 our team has been working very hard for our customers and guests. We do this with smart automation and personal attention.

What We Do

CCR will act as your real estate manager,
looking after the property, taking care of all the day to days, and ensuring rents and deposits are paid and thatits all delivered hassle-free

Where To Find Us

De Wittenkade 156-H, Amsterdam, 1051AN, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
+31 6 4444 1231

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De Whitenkade 156-H, Amsterdam, 1051AN, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

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