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Answer 8 questions to calculate your monthly returns if rented in today's market

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Answer 8 questions to calculate your property's worth if sold in today's market


Searching, inspecting, negotiation and processing properties.

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Experts in long term lets across focusing on expats.

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Managing property dealing with the day-to-day.

Real Estate Management


We achieve the highest possible revenue while avoiding high fees.

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Real Estate Services

We're experts in real estate renovations and management with experience in today's market , a trusted client base and a excellent network of working expats. As real estates , we dedicate the love and time required to improve, generate and maintain  properties while providing fantastic homes for people to live in.

Contact Us: City Centre Estates will advise for free, we cam suggest on any improvements that would increase the rental or purchase value of a property and advise how best to generate returns while following Dutch laws and maintaining the investment.

Sell my Property:

Our command of renovating real estate to a high standard, managing future operations and knowledge in marketing channels, not only ensures your property looks great but it allows us to rent it and sell it to the largest possible pool of appropriate clients. 

Rent my Property: 

City Centre Estates' has a large network of appropriate tenants with a focus on professional expats and professional legal contracts that follow all Dutch laws and regulations. We move fast to rent out properties and avoid lose in revenue.

Renovate my Property

We provide top quality craftsmanship, have an eye for detail, and carry out our renovations and furnishing with honesty and integrity. We are your one stop renovation specialist who know what best increases the value of a property in today's market and how to implement those improvements.

Property Management

While the property is being rented, City Centre Estates will act as your real estate manager. All the day to day problems will be dealt with and the property owner can rest assure they will receive their hassle-free rent.

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